2009/2010 Curriculum List

Below is the list of what we are planning to do for the next school year.  It is not a complete list and may change at any given moment, without my knowledge.   I still have some serious research to do for my son’s high school courses, credits, college, blah-blah-blah…

Grade 10:

  • History:    Bob Jones, U.S. History, 11
  • Math:   Saxon, Geometry
  • Science:   Bob Jones Chemistry 3rd edition
  • English:    Bob Jones Writing & Grammar 11, plus other stuff
  • Peterson’s Success with Words
  • Art:  We have no clue what he is going to do for this yet.  We have to find something other than Art Appreciation, music, or painting.
  • Volunteer work:  Library  (still working on where he can volunteer)
  • Driver’s Ed  AdeptDriver
  • PE: President’s Challenge

Grade 6:

  • History:  Streams of Civilization, plus other stuff
  • Math:  Rod and Staff 6th grade
  • Science: Light, Microscopes and stuff, pulled from a lot of different places, lots of hands on experiments.
  • English:  Easy Grammar Plus, Vocabulary Cartoon
  • Bob Jones Vocabulary: 7th grade (maybe)
  • Spelling
  • PE
  • Music:  Violin

4th Grade

  • History:  Library books
  • Math:  Rod and Staff 4th grade
  • English:  Rod and Staff English 4th grade
  • Spelling: 
  • Science : Microscopes and light
  • Art:  Various art projects using Usborn Book of Art Projects and Art Projects for Kids (because the Square Lady is forcing me to copy her, because she has perfect kids)  and Deep Space Sparkle.  I think most of my school budget is going towards art supplies. 
  • PE

3rd Grade

  • History:  library books
  • Math: Rod and Staff 3rd grade
  • English:  Rod and Staff 3rd grade
  • Spelling: 
  • Science: Microscops and Light
  • Art:   See 4th grade
  • PE

6 responses to “2009/2010 Curriculum List

  1. I enjoy seeing other people’s lists…thanks for sharing. And have fun at the convention. I loved ours.

  2. It looks good…I approve 😀

    You took me off your DY friends blog list 😦

  3. Your kids are nowhere near that old. It just can’t be. I think you are just in a rush to get them out of the house. LOL

    Could your boy take an art class at a community college?

  4. I can relate to the blah, blah, blah I’m at the end of high school trying to pull together everything we did. I left that picture out. LOL
    Your plans look most excellent to me:)

  5. Thanks for posting your list Michelle, I like to see what others are doing too.

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