Latin Fish Boxes

Do they go together?  No, but they happened on the same day.

My daughter’s science class  had been studying  Zoology 2:  Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day for the second half of the year.  The students were given the task of making Sea Boxes, to display on the last day of co-op. They could do whatever they wanted in their boxes.

Each box was different and very well done. The students used their own unique craftiness in making the sea creatures and the surrounding area.

homeschool project

This is my oldest daughter. She waited until 8:00pm the night before to put everything together. I helped with getting the hanging creatures on. She used Crayola Model Magic. Extremely expensive stuff. Don’t get it unless you have a coupon. This clay air dries. We thought it would air dry hard, but it didn’t. It is more like a foam, but it still worked well for what dd#1 wanted to do.


She made all the animals and sponges herself. The pictures in the back were printed from the computer. The jellyfish on the right is made from the purple clay and twisted strips of plastic wrap. She glued sand on the bottom.

Below are “The Three Friends”. They like to go everywhere, do everything, and play together everyday. It just doesn’t happen, though. One is a red head, one is a blonde, and one is a brunette. One plays the violin, one plays the piano, and one plays the Cello. Maybe one day they can form a band. lol

homeschool project

I haven’t forgotten about the Latin part of the title to this post. Every Monday morning our co-op has Assembly. This is the time, devotional is given, news is given, awards are given, prayers and prayer requests, and special surprises from students.

These two young ladies were in the Latin 2 class. Please enjoy the video as they sing a song in Latin. As soon as I know the title, I’ll edit this post.


7 responses to “Latin Fish Boxes

  1. Awesome fish boxes! This is the science program that Bear wants to do in the fall.
    They young ladies did a nice job on the Latin tune. I don’t know the name either, since we just did the first year.

  2. Those fish boxes are very cool…I really like DD’s. Way to go!! Aren’t you glad it’s over now though?

  3. Great job on the fish box!!!! I love the animals!! Very creative. We are doing the first Zoo book this fall. I should have the kids make a Bird box, thanks for the idea. We will start back up Latin in the fall as well. I’m adding in Adrien and he will do the lessons this summer to catch up to his brother and then they will do latin together.

  4. Very nice!

    Can you imagine the visual picture I conjured up in my head though when I read the title? :o)

  5. I like how you all are incorporating the arts into their lessons. =)

  6. They look great! I’ll try to put a pic of ours on my blog tomorrow 🙂

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