Some Excitement On Our Street

While visiting outside with my neighbor, we noticed a bird swoop down.  It hovered over an area and proceeded to flap its wings and squawk loudly. It flew away and another bird came down and did the very same thing.  We decided they were looking at something, so over to the spot we went.

And we saw this. A common Yellow Rat Snake


It stayed there while we had a nice look. According to the Yellow Rat Snake link, it froze because it was in danger. It also started to get the ripple look, which makes it look odd.

Below is its head. Say hi to Chocolatechic!


After a few minutes, it started to go on its way. Guess where it went?

That’s right! It went that way. —>


We watched the snake go over to the huge oak tree and go up the oak tree.


and up


and up.


What was really fascinating, was watching the birds. It wasn’t just one kind of bird, there was at least three different species trying to get that snake out of that tree.

There was the Cardinals. He is looking towards the snake. He and his wife did a few swoops around the snake.


Updated to correct woodpecker’s name:   Then there was the female Red-bellied Woodpecker.  She is looking right at the snake’s tail. I don’t know if she swooped around, but she got out of Dodge when she spotted the snake’s tail.


And there was one of the bird’s that squawked loudly at the snake. I think it was their nest that snake had dinner at. 😦 I have a picture, but after uploading it, you really can’t see the bird. It was looking straight at the snake. I felt sorry for it.

The girls were sad the snake got the babies, but they do understand that is what the snake does.  I would rather it eat rats or mice, though.

9 responses to “Some Excitement On Our Street

  1. That is sad 😦 At first I thought it was a cool snake, but now I don’t like him any more 😛

    The woodpecker is a girl Red-Bellied Woodpecker…the Red-Headed Woodpecker’s whole head is red 😀

  2. You didn’t kill it???

    The only good snake is a dead snake.

    • NO! I didn’t kill it. If we didn’t have snakes like that, we would be up to our knees in mice and rats! We like snakes. Snakes are our friends, except the ones that want to kill you.

  3. What a sad story. I would have stopped the snake from eating the baby birds. I know it’s nature and the order of things and all but I don’t want to see it happening right in front of me.

  4. Hmm, I don’t think I would have watched it eat the baby birds. Interesting nature lesson for your children though.

  5. That is some excitement! I find it interesting that a creature that has no legs or arms can climb a tree. Proof (to me) that when the Maker slams the door, He opens a window.

  6. Yikes! I thought snakes couldn’t climb trees!

  7. Very cool! I am sorry for the little birdies, but glad we have such helpful snakes around the house. Hopefully they are eating more rats than birds.

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