Not really, but we do have shark teeth!

Last Saturday, we took the girlies to the beach.     We spent a little time collecting shells and looking for shark teeth.   It was mid-morning, so we didn’t think we would find any teeth. Usually, you have to get there in the wee hours of the morning.

This time the good Lord blessed us with 13 shark teeth! These are very tiny.

sharks teeth

Most of these are from the Lemon Shark. The triangle one on the lower left is from a Great White. The very tiny teeth might be from a Whale Shark. They are useless teeth, because the Whale Shark feeds on microscopic things.

When I was in high school, we went to the beach on a field trip. I found a huge Great White Shark’s tooth. It measured a good inch wide and over an inch long. I remember the teacher asking if he could have it, and I wouldn’t give it to him. lol I have since lost it, but I wonder if it wasn’t taken. It was in my dresser for a long time.

Here is some of the collection we already have.

more shark's teeth

The largest tooth we have is the upper right one. It is from a Tiger Shark.   The tooth that is second from the left on the bottom, is a broken Great White tooth.  Guess where we found it.

3 responses to “Sharks!!!

  1. My husband has the eagle eyes in our family and always seems to find the shark teeth when we go to the beach. I always pick up rocks and say “Is this a shark tooth?”

  2. That is really neat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them at the beach.

  3. Alright, dammit, all the time I have lived next to beaches, the current beach being just off the breeding grounds for tiger sharks, and I have never found a shark tooth before. I am filled with chagrin.

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