Stash and Go

My youngest will be turning eight next month.  She is an odd one out of the bunch.   She is one of The Peas, my two youngest daughters, because both are like two peas in a pod.  However; she is different because she is a little on the tom-boyish side. 

She hates frills, lace which she called scribbly-scrabblies, hairbands, bows, hats  all things  girlie.  On the other hand, find any girlie clothes (minus the mentioned items) with loads of jewels and she is a happy duck. 

She is the type of gal who loves special toys, but would rather they have jewels.  If we had crafty jewels, she’d have them on there for sure.

She is a collector of all things.  She hunts for things to collect.  She trives on finding pockets to place her collection in, even if it is my pocket. 

Last summer we took a nice vacation up north.  While there, we visited Lake Superior.  In our family, the north is known for having nice rocks.  The collecting began…


Sweetheart! If you don’t stop picking up rocks, we won’t make it to the lake.

Just one more mom. I have an extra pocket!

We make it to Lake Superior. And look what she has done. Yep, picked up a few good rocks.


Sweetheart, we don’t have room for all of those.

That’s ok, mom. I’ll find a place for them.


See, mom, I just needed to make a few more pockets. They all fit nicely in here.


Sweetheart, you can’t walk back the two miles with rocks in your pants.


I can try!

Her father had pitty on her, and carried her rocks in the backpack he had. He also carried my stash, which was the biggest. 😉

At the beach last Saturday, she started collecting right away. Besides the shark teeth we found, she carried this home.


That is her new pink hat, from the grandmother, we forced her to wear. She hates hats. She found a better use for it.

3 responses to “Stash and Go

  1. What a sweet pea=)

  2. How inventive…I love her pant cuff pockets. She’s lucky dad took pity or her pants might have fallen down! How cute!

  3. She’s a cutie! Anemone does the exact same thing, right down to conning Daddy into carrying all the rocks for her.

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