Homeschool Convention

I am at the FPEA Homeschool Convention in Orlando. 

I have my list.

I hope to look at lots of art supplies, get a few Rod & Staff test booklets, and rummage around to see everything interesting.   I also need to keep my eye open for science items.  I won’t be teaching a group of kids science this year, as I had hoped, but will continue it with my daughters.   I think I’ll focus more on the Microscope than anything else.

I won’t be buying my Bob Jones there.  I’ll be getting that on June 6th at our HERI  book sale and anything else needed will be purchased at Rock Solid.

I like to get everything before July, then I can spend time organizing and planning.  My next big project will be making the student planners for the kids.  Donna Young has a new Colonial Planner that I want to use. 😀

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

5 responses to “Homeschool Convention

  1. Have a great time at the convention! I hope that you find everything that you need. Good luck!

  2. Have fun Applie! Sniff some books for me. LOL

  3. I must admit that I am jealous that you get to go to such a great convention. Up here the few that are around are usually closed, for members of certain correspondence groups only and I never hear about them until just before they begin and I already have plans – they’ll allow outsiders to the vender’s hall – for a price- but not to the seminars.

    Have a great time and don’t for get to take lots of pictures and come back and blog all about it. =)

  4. Oh, I wish I was there!! Have fun!

    And the colonial planners look great!

  5. Happy Planning Michelle! =)

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