FPEA Convention

We are back from our long weekend in Orlando.  It was so nice to get away for a few days with just Sir Husband.

The first night we had an early dinner at the hotel, and then went to see Star Trek at the IMAX.  That was so amazing.  There were a few parts that I had to cover my ears.  I just couldn’t handle the loud surround sounds of battle.  lol   I was very impressed with how each character was played.  We could pick each one out right away. 

Sir Husband will be taking Sir Son this weekend to see the same movie, but not at IMAX.  I forced him to watch the first three episodes of Star Trek at Netflix.  We laughed through the whole thing.  I’d say, “That’s an extra.  He’s going to die.”  Sir Son, “How do you know?”  Me, “All extras die and all aliens reveal their true identities just before they die.”  That just cracked him up, because it is so true.

Back to the convention.

I did not attend any of the lectures.  There wasn’t anything I needed to hear.  I did want to attend one at 9:00, but I spent that time in line to get new name tags.  I left mine at home in the drawer, so I wouldn’t forget them.

The number one complaint I have is that most of the vendors have gone to Internet only catalogs.  I had hoped to pick up a few and look them over the second night in the hotel.  Rock Solid also changed their policy.  You now have to pay $3.00 for their catalog, but you get the $3.00 back in a coupon.  I bought one and looked through it.  I went back the next day and purchased my items.  I couldn’t use the coupon because it was for “Internet or in-store use only”.   I was a little irked about that, but I know I still have to go to that store later.  I forgot to buy Sir Son’s English books.  lol

I was able to get everything I needed.  The other things I plan on buying at the used book sale in June. 

Nothing exciting, no ah-ha moments, no oh I wish I had known that, nothing.  Just a fun relaxing weekend spending money.  🙂

Now I am going to concentrate on scheduling everything.


One response to “FPEA Convention

  1. That’s funny I put in earplugs at Star Trek tooLOL Movies are horrible for me still but hubby really wanted me to go with him and I can’t resist his baby blues;)
    I liked the movie over all though. That is weird about Rock Solid charging for the catalog and then making you mail order to get the coupon. I love that booth. I’m glad you had a nice time with the husband:)

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