It is done…

The school year of 2008/2009, is done.  Can we all say Woo-Hoo!    I know, I know, since we homeschool, do we really break for the summer?  No, but our work load is, oh so much, smaller!

The reason our 2008/2009 is done, is because our co-op finally had our End-of-Year Party.  It was tough for the administraters to get a day when it wasn’t raining.  Our fearless leaders never gave up, and we had our party day on May 26th.

There was food.  Lots of food.


There was singing.


There were games. Lots of games.


Lots of competitions, like this one. Each team had to get two people into a pair of very large men’s underwear, race to the end of the room and back. They were new underwear. I know, because I saw them open the package.


The blow-the-marshmallow-out-the-nose competition. The boy in the red shirt won.


The Fluffy Bunny Competition. Goal, whoever can shove the most marshmallows in their mouth and still say “Fluffy Bunny” wins the game.

(These games are the reason my son will never attend a Youth Group.)

There were more kids competiting, than what I have pictured here. See the two boys on the ends? They are highschoolers and have the advantage. Most highschool boys have big mouths and are willing to do disgusting things like this. (not my son)   The two girls in the middle are middleschoolers.


And the winner of this competition is…

The smallest girl in the group, with 11 large marshmallows shoved in her mouth. Quote from her mom, “Yes, that is my daughter. She has a big mouth.” CONGRATULATIONS!


And the winner of the next Fluffy Bunny competition is…

The above girl’s mother.  The smallest adult in our co-op, with 12 large marshmallows in her mouth. We asked how she trained for such a tough competition and her reply was, “I have lots of practice with putting my foot in my mouth.”

These two fine ladies, beat out several highschool boys. WOOT!


CONGRATULATIONS ladies, you make the female species very proud!

The last competition was dropping a mini-marshmallow, dipped in chocolate sauce, into the mouth of two facilitators.


At first it was a nice clean game. Then one of the boys would dip his fingers well into the chocolate sauce, and carefully drizzle the sauce over the face before dropping the marshmallow. He should be thankful that school is over and all grades are turned in. 😀


We call them, The Kitchen Ladies.

Fun was had by all.

9 responses to “It is done…

  1. That looks like a fun party…worth waiting for. Except that blow the marshmallow out the nose contest. That is just asking for trouble! Why would you possibly want kids blowing things out their nose. Who knows what comes with it? And who has to clean it up? That’s just gross.

  2. Looks like you all had soo much fun!

  3. I’m sure you all had a good time, but I am with your son on this one. I would rather have a root canal than go to a party like that. (I’d put the usual “lol” there, but I’m not joking. Not really.)

  4. I’ll give you a Woo-Hoo! for the end of school though!

  5. It looks like everyone had a great time! I would love to participate in games like those 😀

  6. With an understanding of what it means to be done for the year – – – Woo-Hoo!

  7. Today, my son informed me that 26 marshmallows stuffed in your mouth at one time was a sign of superior intelligence. I think he would have got along just fine at your party. As long as the marshmallows were vegan, of course! :p

    • I will have to say these women do have some high mental capability. I don’t, because I wounldn’t even try it. lol As for the marshmallows being vegan, I don’t think they are. They were bought off the shelf at the grocery store and none of us at the co-op are vegan. Your son could bring his own bag. lol

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