Using the dehydrator

I found this little gem of dehydrator instructions on YouTube,  Dehydrator2Store.   I have really enjoyed watching most of her videos, especially the cooking ones.   They make me want to try new things.

Last night I made apple fruit roll-ups the way this lady makes hers.  I haven’t make plain apple leather before and I have never cooked the puree either. So this is new for me.  I usually just dump the pureed fruit onto plastic wrap or parchment paper.

The first thing I did was to hydrate a few of last years figs.  My girls ate most of them when the figs were dehydrated, this is all that I had left.  It took about an hour to hydrate.


Next I chopped up some red delicious apples (they were on sale) and placed them in the Vita-Mix along with the figs and a squirt of honey.  You don’t need a whole lot of honey in this leather; the figs will sweeten it up very nicely.


This next part is new to me. Once it is all pureed the Dehydrate2Store lady cooks hers for about 2 minutes. You are suppose to add some lemon juice, but I don’t have any.

Kind of looks like something that I found in my children’s diapers at one time or another. Don’t  you agree?

cooking fruit

Then I used two trays with plastic wrap and taped them down with blue painter’s tape. The video says to use duct tape. Now we all know duct tape is the universal cure all, but I just didn’t feel like looking out in the garage for a roll of Sir Husband’s greasy duct tape. I’ll have to purchase my own roll and hide it from Sir Husband.

Still looks like something that came out of a diaper.

pureed fruit

I dried the trays of fruit leather at 118 degrees for almost 12 hours. Normally it doesn’t take that long for my fruit leathers. I think it took this long because of the extra liquid; I added a touch of apple juice to get the Vita-mix working better.   I had two trays of plastic wrap and two trays using ziploc bags, which is what the video used.


I had an extremely hard time getting the fruit leather off the ziplock bags, so I won’t be using those again. Also the blue tape did not stick as well as I had hoped. I have used scotch tape and that works great. I’ll have to try the duct tape later.

dried fruit

After drying, I rolled the leather in parchment paper and placed in a ziplock bag. I didn’t  do anything special to keep these fresh because I know that these will be gone by tomorrow night. When I do a large batch of fruit leather, I’ll pack them in a gallon mason jar and hide them from my daughers. Only I know where they are, so they last just a few days longer…just a few days, because I know where they are and they are yummy.

wrapping dried fruit

These leathers looked funny. I don’t know if it is because it was made from apples or if I did something wrong. The taste; however, is really good.  It must be the apples, I just know I didn’t do anything wrong.  😉

My next big project from the videos is the apple oven pancake.   I’ll be making that tonight and hopefully post about it tomorrow. 😛

After the pancake, I just might try my hand at the yogurt.  I did that several years ago and had one success and one flop.  I’ll try the Dehydrate2Store’s way with some success, I hope.

Do you have a dehydrator and do you use it?

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6 responses to “Using the dehydrator

  1. Fruit leather sounds yummy:)

  2. Oh, now you are going to be making me regret my decision :). No, I no longer have a dehydrator. I had one for 2 days but sent it back. I’m making my own ice cream now instead. That’s much more fun in my opinion.

  3. We have three dehydrators. One is an Excalibur that I use for fruit leathers, jerky, vegetables and fruits. It has 5 very large trays and the heating unit and fan are at the back of the unit, making rotating the trays unnecessary.
    The next largest one is an American Harvest brand that I use for herbs and herbal blends and the third one is a small one we picked up brand new at a yard sale for $2 to use to dry the medicinal herbs.

  4. I have one. It’s old, probably at least 25 years old. I’ve dried all sort of things with it. It gets heavy use in the summer.

  5. When I was a kid, we had a dehydrator, and made fruit leathers sometimes…mostly it was used to preserve the bounty from the garden, though. Have you ever had chard dehydrated? lol

    We also used to make all our yogurt from scratch. Really simple. My best tip? STERILIZE. When you are breeding your yogurt bacteria, you DON’T want to also breed up whatever else was there. NASTY, trust me! :p

  6. NO.
    I am not sure that I would buy one at this time though as I do not have the space for such a unit.

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