One of the things my daughter requested for her birthday party were bubbles.  Lots of bubbles.  I like to make our own bubble liquid.  It’s cheap, it makes a lot, and it’s fun.

I have been making bubble liquid since my son was young. At that time we had two Golden Retrievers. One of them was named Mary. She loved bubbles. She would run and jump just to eat the bubbles, but it wasn’t just any bubble she liked. She would only chase and eat homemade bubbles. She was a healthy dog and only bubbles made from scratch were good enough for her. Same with play-dough, but that’s another story for another day.

The ingredients:

1 gallon container with a lid (I used an old honey jug)
2/3 cup Dawn dish washing liquid
2 TB of glycerin
Enough water to fill the gallon container

I was told once, if you rub glycerin on a area that might bruise, you won’t bruise. You have to rub it on before the bruise shows up. I have never tried this; I’m just throwing that out as a random tidbit.  Let me know if it works.   🙂

Mix all the ingredients above, being careful to run the water slowly into the container so it will not bubble much. Mark the container, because it really looks like Windex from the outside.


Now the next part is the hardest. You have to let it sit. Most recipes say to let it sit for one day, but really you need to let it sit for a couple of weeks. I make this stuff in secret and then hide it under the kitchen sink, where I keep cleaning supplies. I am confident that my children will never look in there. Why would they be looking for cleaning supplies, when “Not Me” made the mess?

This jug has been sitting here for almost two weeks. It will be ready by the time we have our birthday party.


Did you know there are lots of scientific things you can learn from bubbles? 

You can see the thickness of bubbles,  just by looking at the colors.

The tension of the bubble is what makes it round, no matter what shape the wand is.

When bubbles meet they share a common wall.

Fifty students can fit into one bubble.   Ok, that isn’t scientific, but it is fun. 🙂

You can learn the Scientific Method using bubbles.  I hope to do this with my girls next year.


Now go forth and make your own bubbles.  It makes the world a happier place.

4 responses to “Bubbles!

  1. What a great hiding place. My kids would never find it, either. :p

    You ever make the 6foot bubbles with straws and sewing thread? Super fun. We made our own solution all the time when we were kids, and then break out the thread and straws and amaze our friends, lol.

  2. Have never made my own bubbles before, but my girls love them – thanks for the “recipe!”

  3. There is one experiment that you won’t be able to do – at a certain temp., below zero, bubbles freeze.

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