Yesterday, I mentioned that my daughter will be turning eight on Monday.  She has a mixed-up birthday theme.   I think it has something to do with wanting it all.


Because she wanted some water fun, and we don’t have a pool, and it is hot in Florida, and she insisted on JEWELS, I came up with this idea. 

I bought a bag of very huge, gaudy, plastic jewels from Michael’s.  They were really for placing in a clear plant container.  The bag cost less than $3.00.    My plan was to freeze the jewels in balloons, have the girls sit on the outside of a kiddie pool, and use their toes to melt the balloon cube, to get the treasure.

HOWEVER; we did not have a kiddie pool, and I forgot about the balloons.  So plan Q came to the rescue.  I took the smallest of the jewels and placed one in each hole of an ice cube tray, then froze that.  I placed three large jewels in bowls and froze that.

I then placed all the frozen cubes in a bucket and told the girls to fish out the jewels.  I also added extra ice cubes, to make the water extra cold. 


That was taking to long, so the girls decided to move to the sunshine.


That still took too long, so they started smashing the cubes against the trees and the house.


That worked very well.


To keep to the JEWELS theme, the daughter picked this out for her birthday cake.


She loves her jewels!

So far we have had sponge bombs and frozen jewels.  Coming up: Build-A-Bear Tie-Dye!

3 responses to “Jewels!

  1. Sounds like lots of fun!!

  2. Looks like a fun birthday party to me!

  3. Nothing like a little “ice” for a girl’s birthday! Happy times!

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