It’s a Build-A-Bear Thing

So far for the daughter’s eighth birthday we have had bubbles, water, jewels, and now Build-A -Bear.    All the girls had a Build-A-Bear to bring to the party.


I thought it would be fun to have the girls make matching tie-dyed shirts. So, I purchased white T-Shirts for the girls and white tank tops for the bears. (Note to self: Don’t ever do this again)

Old shirts and gloves were put on to protect the girlies from permanent damage.

tie-dyed t-shirts

Rubber bands were placed on each of the t-shirts and the dye was squirted on from a bottle.

tie-dyed t-shirts

tie-dyed t-shirts

After it was all said and done, the t-shirts came out great. Everyone was different; however, the tank tops for the bears all came out the same color, a light blue. It didn’t matter if the shirt was colored a dark purple, they all came out the same way. I am guessing the shirts were not 100% cotton. The tag doesn’t say. They are still cute, though.

tie-dyed t-shirts

After the party, my neighbor invited us all to go swimming. Who could resist that?


It was a great party.

One response to “It’s a Build-A-Bear Thing

  1. You made her wonderful birthday. =)

    The picture of the girls with the gloves on is cute!

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