Hey Square Lady!

Dear Square Lady,

It has been a while since I won my prize, like two years! 

I know that it is under a life-time guarantee.  This guarantee covers anything that could happen to the washcloth, including loss. You will be happy to know, that I didn’t loose it. 🙂

So… I am hear to collect on the guarantee.  I need a new prize.


I REALLY need a new washcloth prize.


Since, Sheri also won a washcloth at that same time, I bet she needs another prize. We shall be looking for them next week.  Now get busy. 🙂


7 responses to “Hey Square Lady!

  1. That is a sad looking dishcloth, yes, very sad, indeed.

    Let me know how this prize solicitation thing works out.

  2. lol, You’ve worn it out, even the blue color is gone.

  3. Did one of the dogs get to that?

  4. LOL What have you been doing with that warsh rag? Scrubbing your driveway? I’m pretty sure the guarantee had this disclaimer:

    Fully guaranteed, UNLESS you scrub your driveway with it. Then you’re out of luck. 😀

    • Great, it is covered. I haven’t used this warsh rag on the driveway. I use it on iron skillets and I use it almost every day, I like it. 😀
      I wonder what Sheri’s looks like.

  5. ROFL!! This is perfect. You know, I never won a ducky dishcloth. I think Ms. Square needs another contest.

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