Orange Chicken or not

A few years ago, I had somewhere else to be during our family’s dinner time.  Even though I was not going to be eating at home, I had to fix dinner for the family.

milling pinto beans
Milling pinto beans

I decided on a new recipe, Orange Chicken.  It was one of those freezer meals, where you make a bunch and freeze enough for three more meals.  Since this was the first time I made the meal, I only made one meals worth.

bean flour
Pinto bean flour.


The recipe called for the chicken to marinate in an orange juice sauce for several hours before baking.  It smelled really good. After it was baked, I set the table and placed all the food in the center.  I left happy, knowing my family was well fed.

instant refried beans
Whisking bean flour in boiling water.

I returned home and the kids announced, “We went to CiCi’s pizza! Daddy took one bite of the chicken and said we are going to CiCi’s!” 😯 Sir Husband said the chicken was not fit to eat and he promptly threw every bit of it away. To this day, the kids ask for Orange Chicken, when they want to go out for pizza. 😆

refried beans

After one bite of these Instant Refried Beans we had for Father’s Day, it was announced that this was the side dish for the Orange Chicken.

7 responses to “Orange Chicken or not

  1. Oh my gosh…I made Orange Chicken in the crockpot that we had a similar reaction to recently! It was declared the most disgusting meal that I have ever made. I don’t know what it is about Orange Chicken that makes it such a failure.

  2. LOL, that’s so funny. We had refried beans for Father’s Day … at La Margarita’s. I don’t know what hubby had for lunch….he was working.

  3. Ew. No kidding. Who makes refried beans like that? No wonder I couldn’t work out what you are making from the grinding pics. Nobody in their right mind would be eating that! 😛

  4. I tried the crockpot version of Orange chicken too and was promptly told it was NOT a do over!

  5. “Instant Refried Beans”

  6. LOL!! That is a funny story. I am just lazy. All my refried beans come out of the can.

  7. I’ve never heard of “instant” refriend beans before unless talking about the canned ones as Tressa did.

    **Personal note: DO NOT EVER MAKE ORANGE CHICKEN unless I want hubby to take me out to dinner really badly.

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