Birdies Taking a Bath

Does anyone know what kind of birds these are?

bathing beauties

They showed up a week ago. They are smallish, have brown bodies, bellies are cream with brown spots, and the wings and tails are a very pretty blue. We have had up to 20 or so in our backyard. They do not visit the birdfeeder, but do like to just sit on the roof of it.

birds taking a bath


UPDATE!   Donna said these might be Juvenile Eastern Bluebirds, so I did a search and found this picture.  Yep, Donna was right.


8 responses to “Birdies Taking a Bath

  1. I don’t know what they are called but they sure look cute in your bird bath=)

    • Yes they are really cute. I got a video of them bathing. One of them flew to perch above the birdfeeder, wiggled its body, and it poofed into a fluffy fur ball. It was just the cutiest thing.

  2. The first thought is they look like juvenile birds and if they are, their plumage may not quite match that of an adult bird. That makes it hard to look up. But there is the size, the blue coloring, the straight bill, and not eating the bird seed.

    Anyway, juvenile eastern bluebirds have all of those qualities stated above.

    A problem – I can not imagine so many juvenile birds of any type grouped in one place, but stranger things have happened.

    • We thought maybe their were juveniles too, but like you, we can’t imagine that many at one time. Yesterday we saw a Yellow Finch for the first time!

      • They must’ve heard about your garden woes last year and came to help you with your garden pests. 😉 The bluebird army to the rescue. (oops, no garden this year.) lol I’m cracking myself up here.

      • LOL I got an email from a friend, who got an answer from another friend, who says someone in my neighborhood must have a bluebird box. 🙂 He also said Bluebirds have a brood twice a year. I hope they continue to visit.

  3. Donna beat me again! LOL But I only know because my parents have bluebird boxes. I’ve seen several juvenile birds out at the farm that I can’t identify.

  4. I cannot believe that you doubted Donna!! Shocking!

    That is really cute and I’m glad you are enjoying these visitors and don’t mind them.

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