The Great Backyard Campout!

June 27th, was the Great Backyard Campout.  Our campsite, The Crazy Cove Campsite, consists of this family and the family across the street. 

This year we did not campout.  Both families agreed that it was just too hot to be camping out.  Sir Husband was too tired to set up the tent because of house remodeling and I was too tired to argue because of working at VBS all week.  So we did a “Let’s not and say we did” thing.

As planned we take the long hike over to the neighbors to eat there. We had sausage, deviled eggs, coleslaw, potato salad, green beans, and watermelon. Water for the kids and beer for the adults.

The adults sat at the newly acquired picnic table and the kids sat at “the bar”. Their words, not ours. By this time Sir Son had gone home with swollen arms from bug bites and breathing problems from the candles. He is so not a wilderness person.


The girls went swimming in the pool lake.


After the swim and a yummy dinner, we take the long wilderness hike across the street, into the wilds of our backyard.

We have fire. We love fire. Yes, it is 8:00pm and still in the upper 80’s, but we must have roasted marshmallows and s’mores.


While waiting on the adults to get their act together, the girlies practice roasting. The sunglasses they are wearing are actually “smoke protectors”.




Sir Husband always has to make me a few of the roasted marshmallows. He seems to think he is the ONLY one who knows how to make the perfect roasted marshmallow.


And here it is.


Hmmm, maybe he is right.


And here is a s’mores. I don’t like s’mores. Everyone should know that chocolate bars should be frozen before eating, not melted.


We had a wonderful wilderness adventure at the Crazy Cove Campsite!


10 responses to “The Great Backyard Campout!

  1. I think instead of home remodeling projects, Sir Husband should be building you a cool custom fire pit. What the heck was that thing that you were using? Come on, I know that he can do better. It looks like a lovely campout that never was. And his marshmallow does look perfect. So he apparently is good for something.

  2. Sir Husband DOES know how to make the perfect marshmallow, but I have to disagree on the chocolate.

    It most definately needs to be melted.

  3. Dammit…why is it so freaking expensive and hard to get vegan marshmallows?? I NEED A S’MORE RIGHT NOW!!!!

    • I know there are vegan marshmallows out there, but I couldn’t tell you where or how much. These are cheap marshmallows and I don’t see meat items in it. Of course there are several ingredients that might have something hidden in them.

      • No animal products? Really? Tell me the brand! Or the ingredients! I have only ever heard of marshmallow fluff being okay, in mainstream products! We looooove marshmallows around here! 😀

      • I buy the cheap stuff. This is our local grocery store brand. Publix, Big & Fluffy Marshmallows. Ingredients are: corn syrup, sugar, dextrose, modified corn starch,, water, gelatin (oh I bet that is the animal product, right?) I’m sorry, I missed that part. No need to go further with the ingredients. 😦 Can you make your own?

      • Lol..yeah, that’d be the animal part. And yeah, apparently you can make your own, but from what I can find out, the key to success is to own a Kitchenaid, or similar, to beat the mix…a hand mixer just doesn’t cut it. And I’ve never owned my own Kitchenaid, sadly. :p

  4. Kids sat at “the bar”. I like their names for things. I need me some of those “smoke protectors” 😀

    I am with you regarding s’mores and the condition of chocolate bars.

    I think the bro is telling you that you deserve the best when he makes you his perfect roasted marshmallows.

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