Dried Fruit

Some fruit has gone on sale at our grocery store, so I stocked up and dried them for later use.  I want to use these fruits for “chips” in our lunch boxes when the school year begins.  We will have co-op every Tuesday and we have to bring a lunch.

I am learning more and more about dehydrating from Dehydrate2store.   There are lots of instructional videos that are wonderful.

From one of the videos, I learned about fruit cookies.  Slice mangoes, kiwi, and bananas, very thin.  Place the bananas and kiwi on the mangoes.  Tammy had bigger mangoes than I, so she was able to place two kiwis and two bananas on one mango, in one layer. I wasn’t able to do that.


Mine were also too thick and took a long time to dry. Tammy suggests using a meat slicer, but I don’t have one yet. My Mandolin slices either too thin or too thick.

Here are the dried cookies. You can see that some of them are missing. Yes, we ate them right away. lol  One of my liners is wobbly.  I’ll have to order a replacement.


I also dried bananas, one of my favorites.



Here are the fruit stored in glass jars. Using oxygen absorbers in the jars is the number one best thing I learned from Dehydrate2store. I haven’t been able to keep anything long term, because it is so humid here nothing lasts, even if stored in airtight containers. The oxygen absorbers help with that.


Aren’t they cute?  🙂  That’s pineapple in the middle.

Next adventure.  More fruit leather.  I have been ordered by #2 daughter to make some.  I would also like to make some dehyrdated refried beans and not from instant refried beans.


5 responses to “Dried Fruit

  1. Although the dehydrator was a failure for me, I am loving my Sealer and glass jars! They are the best. Your dried fruit looks great in them. Good job!

  2. The jars of dried fruit are very pretty. What else do you do with your dried fruits besides eat them as chips?

  3. Yuummmmm….dried fruit is one of my downfalls, esp the li hing mui kind here in Hawaii, and I don’t think I could possibly make those jars last more than a week. It’s pretty bad. :p

    Love the idea of the cookies, too…tempted to get a dehydrator just to try that! lol

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