It pays to complain!

Remember a few days ago, I complained to Melanie about the prize I had won two years ago?  Remember the condition it was in?  Go here to read my sad story.  Well, I haven’t heard back from Melanie, so I am guessing I won’t be getting a new prize from her.   That’s ok, I still  like her…I think.

Someone read my post and it brought her to tears.  She just couldn’t believe the condition of my poor washcloth.  An urge came over her like she has never felt before ; she was compelled to come to my rescue.   Quickly the yarn was attached to the knitting needles.  The needles flew like lightening and I am sure there were sparks as she worked.  At the end of her labor, she had knitted, not one, but TWO washclothes!

Not only are they a labor of love, but they are made from red, pink, and white yarn. They also work very well. 🙂


Thank you Chocolatechic. They are beautiful!

6 responses to “It pays to complain!

  1. Your welcome my dear.

  2. What a nice friend! I’m so glad that she rescued you from your loss. Good for her.

  3. Ahhh…a friend, indeed. Rescuer from a life of dishwashclothlessness.

  4. Rescue comes in many forms and colors — nice job, Tanya!

    What sits upon the granite? Lesson plans?! 🙂

    • That is my calendar. Pages are from lol The chair the washclothes are hanging on, had some lesson plans on it; also from 😀

  5. Tanya managed to make both you and her happy 🙂

    Those are great.

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