2009/2010 Student Planners

I FINALLY have two of  the student planners put together.  I am so behind on everything this year.  😦

As usual the kids got to pick what the cover sheet looks like and what binder color they wanted.  Their names, grade, and school year are on the front cover.  I took them off this photo.

student planner

The planners are in this order:
School Calendar
Curriculum List
Attendance Sheet
Reading List
Weekly Log

Journal Page  I like the two column one.

This time I remembered to put the cute seasonal pages in. 🙂 I have three of these double-sided to cover last week in November through December.


Just one more planner to bind and I am done.  Now I’ll have to start filling them.

How to bind a student planner.

7 responses to “2009/2010 Student Planners

  1. You must be bored…you’ve been changing up your blog! Looks cute.

    I don’t make student planners. I use Homeschool Tracker Plus and keep all my records in there. We don’t have to do portfolio reviews or show our records to anybody, so there is no reason for me to have hard-copies of anything. Although I usually do print out the important pages at the end of the year and put them in the kid’s memory boxes.

    Your planners look great. Good work!

  2. Hey! You remembered the snowman planner this time! =)

  3. They look great, Applie! I still want a binder and keep looking at them at Amazon.

    Love the flowers in your header pic.

  4. Beautiful girls!

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