To fix a book…

The Lady Daughter 1, came to me two weeks ago and said,

“Mom, I need a new Bible.  The cover is coming off.”

I said, “Sorry honey, we can’t buy a new Bible right now.”

So off to the internet to find a solution and I found a great one at Book Arts Web.  WooHoo!   I also got some helpful tips from friends.

The problem:  Book Arts Web calls this the hinge. The hinge of this books is ripped all the way from the head to the tail.


Supplies listed at the Book Arts Web: polyvinyl acetate adhesive (PVA) in a tall thin container (check, sort of, I used Elmer’s Glue in a short bottle), knitting needles (check), waxed paper (check), and a bone folder (sorry, don’t have one). A book press (check, sort of, you’ll see below).


Apply glue all the way done the spine. I used a wooden skewer to spread the glue all over the spine.


Once that is done, you should fold the wax paper and place it between the cover and the first page of the book on both sides. I forgot to do this at first.  Once the wax paper is in place, press the fold of the endpaper into the hinge.

Take the bone folder and run it along the edge. I don’t have a bone folder so I used the edge of the knitting needle. It worked just fine.


Now you are ready to press the book. Place the knitting needles in the grooves of the book. Since I don’t have a book press, I used our encyclopedias.

Side View

Side view

For added weight, which I probably didn’t need, I placed a brass nut & bolt on the top. It was after I took this picture that I realized I forgot the wax paper. I took it all down and placed the wax paper in. I let it sit like this for a week, because I forgot about it.

Weighted down

The finished product looks really good. The hinge is repaired.

Sides repaired

It has a nice groove on both sides for easy opening.


I don’t have to buy another Bible for my daughter. It cost me next to nothing to do this repair myself. I’m happy with it. I’m sure I’ll be repairing it again, because Lady Daughter 1 isn’t too kind to her books. I’m happy with that too. It is a sign she actually reads her Bible. 🙂


11 responses to “To fix a book…

  1. You are so clever. Know I have a use for my knitting needles:)

  2. Who is Lady Daughter 1…are you changing the names of your girls now? Great job on the repair. That is good to know that it worked so well.

    • Yes, I like the idea of calling them Lady Daughter 1, Lady Daughter 2, and Lady Daughter 3, since I have Sir Husband and Sir Son. I am just The Applie. I don’t have cute names like The Goobers or The Chips.

      • Well, I am even less original as I just use all of our real names. I am obviously not concerned about privacy. It would just be too much work to try to constantly conceal our identities and keep all of our information private so why bother. People that want to find us, are going to find us, in my opinion. And I am not a worrier by nature. So there. That’s my take on things :).

      • I agree with you. It won’t take much to figure out who we are. I just like the cute names. lol

  3. Thanks for sharing this tip about fixing the binding of a book. I have several at home that I need to repair!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving me a comment. Be sure to come back and see what I posted about couponing. It might help you find a way.


    Molly Green

  4. Great post! Too bad you don’t live around here – I’ve got a huge jug of PVA. I might have shared it with you, but then again, I might not have. 😀

    I’m glad to know I have all the correct supplies for repairing Bibles. Anemone’s looks just like your daughter’s before you fixed it. Sadly, it doesn’t mean that she reads her Bible all that much; it was my childhood Bible and then it was JellyMan’s, so it was overdue for a rupture!

    I like cute names, too. JM is starting to outgrow his, though. Pretty soon he’ll come to me and request that his name be changed to WolfMan or ToughMan or AllGrowedUpMan or some such thing.

  5. You are too clever. I wouldn’t have even thought about looking it up. BTW sorry about the typo earlier. I was typing before coffee. Never a good idea for me;p

  6. That is a great tutorial on repairing a book. I will have to make yours so that when I need to do this I’ll know where to turn.

  7. Awesome repair. And yeah..around here, a rip like that could mean hard use, or it could just mean abuse. *sigh*

    And for sure….I have learned the hard way it’s pretty hard to have an online presence, and remain anonymous. Sure didn’t work for me. 😦

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