The Maple

We got Maple last November.  She attached herself to me right away. She follows me everywhere. 

She looks like a real hunting dog, but she is afraid of everything.  Sir Son said she can’t be taught to hunt, because she would be afraid of the birds. 

Sir Husband says: Maples elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.  Maple has a hollow head, you can hear it when you thump on the nose.  She has a few screws loose.  She could be the missing link.  etc…..

Her nicknames are:  The Link, Moron, Bonehead, Chocolate Brain, BH 1 (Butt Head 1), and Mape (cross between a monkey and an ape).

She isn’t as dumb as they think.

This corner of our kitchen is our prep area for dinner.  I am usually the one leaning on the counter, right at the corner.  As soon as I am in that position, Maple comes over and checks things out.


She knows where she belongs and heads on around.


She takes her place. Normally, she has her nose stuck up to the counter.


She’s waiting for food to drop down into her mouth.


When it is time to leave, she steps on your toes so you can’t move. She knows where the food is coming from. She knows how to get it. She is smart.



Sir Husband has to fix his own meals, sometimes, and feed himself.

 Sir Husband

Yeah, who’s the dummy now!

9 responses to “The Maple

  1. That is funny! Dogs are selectively smart, I think. They act dumb but when it is beneficial to them, they are very smart. For example, our dog knows better than to go on the furniture. But when we are not home, he’s having a grand time sleeping on the back of the couch….I find the smooshed cushions as evidence. Or occasionally he forgets his doggie toy up there. I think you’ve got one smart dog there. The husband…..he’s okay.

  2. You forgot “Bucket-Head”. BTW, Nice shot of the receeding hairline and the expanding belt line. It’s photoshop, right?

  3. ROFL! Who’s your Dummy!?

    Be thankful Sir Husband doesn’t know the toe-stepping technique.

  4. LOL! Photoshop is great, isn’t it?

    Maple is such a pretty dog. 🙂

  5. I keep telling you to bring those 2 up here, I’ll take them, the dogs not the others!!

    Yep, Maple is one smart dog.

    PDE is great but I’ve never figured out how to embellish someone’s waistline, hairline or anything else other than color. If I did I’d certainly be taking a few off of me in my pictures!!

  6. Yep I’d say Maple is pretty smart-at least when it comes to food : )

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