A friend of mine was thinking of purchasing a grain mill and a large mixer.  When she found out that I had both, she wanted to come over and have a “demo”.   LOL  I felt like I should be at Sam’s or Costo having a “kitchen demo”.

My friend lives in a very lovely section of town, in a very lovely, clean, well decorated, home.  Since I would like to have my friend back over sometime, I got the slaves kids working their butts off, cleaning the house, the day before the “demo”.

Everything had to be scrubbed. 

One vacuumed the upstairs hall.


Then I had her vacuum the stairs. Yes, I know we don’t have carpet on our stairs. It has been that way for over five years. We’re Sir Husband is working on it.


Lady Daughter 2 and 3 were suppose to be sorting clothes and cleaning up the floors. and pull things out of the pantry so the floor could be mopped.


Lady Daughter 3 decided to have a tude and refused to clean. So…I made her scrub the baseboards in the kitchen, while I washed the cabinets. Turns out she loved washing the baseboards. She needs to have another tude. The bathroom and hall baseboards need a good wash.


I cleaned the cabinets in the kitchen and washed the curtains. I am sad to say this was the state of my curtains.


These are the curtains that the gazillion baby spiders hatched from. They covered the ceiling and the walls. They made the girls scream and run out of the kitchen, only to run back and “save the bag of M&Ms”, then the M&M were devoured because of the stress.

I took the curtains down and gave them a good washing. I had forgotten what a pretty red color they are.


After all the cleaning, I treated the slaves kids to a Wendy’s Frosty. This was the first and last time they got to eat in my new van. 🙂


The house was ready for the “demo”.  Stay tuned.


3 responses to “Cleaning

  1. I have a number of comments…..
    *I love having slaves to help with the housework, especially the vacuuming. That is a chore that I always assign to the first boy to annoy me the day it needs to be done.
    *Your pantry looks amazing. I am jealous.
    *All the valances in my house look like yours. It has been on my list for months and months, ever since Melanie washed hers and made me repulsed by what I saw at my house. Now that task just moved up on the list since you reminded me how badly it needs to be done.
    *Yay for M&M’s and Frosties!!

  2. Your kids should have more attitudes and I think I’ll encourage the same 😉 so that I can get some dreaded tasks done around here.

    I look forward to the “demo”. Next time I’m in Florida, like there has ever been a time when I have been in Florida, I expect to get a “demo” of ALL your kitchen slaves that I do not already have in my possession. 🙂

  3. nothing like seeing your house thru the eyes of company to provide motivation to clean! works for me every time!

    ps remodel updates sometime this year, ok? we’re in the middle of executing the plans of a wedding…less than 2 *TWO* weeks, and I still dont have anything to wear.

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