What I put up with…

every time I leave the bathroom.


12 responses to “What I put up with…

  1. LOL! At least you know that you are safe coming out…nobody is going to jump out at you and get you.

  2. My Ruby Sue does the exact same thing! I guess they truly love us 🙂

  3. Awww, LOL! They are so sweet to look after you like that.

  4. Well, at least they don’t come in with you!

    • They have before! I have to run and close the door before they get in there. It is cramped in a half-bath with an adult and two big dogs, but you already know that, minus one dog. lol

  5. That’s funny! My dog, a very small pomeranian, will follow me up to the bathroom, and as I close the door behind me (leaving her in the hall) she will run around through my bedroom, to the other bathroom door, so she can come and say HI to me as I sit there, captive. 🙂 If I try to close that door before she gets there, she will scratch on it until I open it. Annoying, but it’s become a routine now so like you (stepping over the dogs when you come out) I just go with it.

    • That’s how it is around here, too. If I close the one door, he bolts around to the other side. Someone tell me why the one person in the house who was totally against getting a dog, ends up the object of his affection???

  6. I think it is sweet that they love you so much to guard you when you are in the little girls room.

    My question is this:
    Why do you take a camera into the bathroom with you? :surprise:

    • LOL I was waiting for someone to ask me. I tripped over them coming out the first time and they followed me to the kitchen. I grabbed my camera and came back to the bathroom. I waited one minute and opened the door. There they were…again.

      • Well I’m glad that stepped up and didn’t make you wait any longer. 🙂

        I’ve never thought of doing that with any of my dogs that have done the same thing. Dogs are smart enough to know who takes care of them and who is only good for playtime.

    • Huh. That seemed so normal to me that I didn’t think to question it. LOL

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