The Violinist



5 responses to “The Violinist

  1. How distinguished! I think that is wonderful that your children play an instrument. I wish that I had pushed my children to do that. My daughter played the trumpet for 2 years and my middle child played the trumpet for about 2 weeks. My youngest wants to play the drums but I’m just ignoring him.

    • This is the only one who plays. She has been playing for about six years. My second daughter wants to play the piano, but we don’t have one and we can’t afford lessons. The violinist has a gift, so we push her. I hope to sneak a video recording of her practicing tomorrow. She hates to have that done, so she refuses to play. lol

  2. That is wonderful that she has stuck with it all these years. Seems like yesterday you were looking for violins I can’t believe that was six years ago. I can’t wait to hear her play:)

  3. Lovely picture! 😀

    My oldest is asking to play the violin. This is about the 3rd time he has seriously asked over the past year, so I’m going to try to get him started this fall. He still has to take piano though….for now.

  4. Glad to hear that she is still playing.

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