You want some…

you know you do.








10 responses to “You want some…

  1. Okay, I’ll take some.

  2. Fun, fun. This is always a favorite at my house too. Easy way to turn a boring day into a fun one:) Your girlies are so cute!!!

  3. Oh, I better not tell my girl or she’ll insist that we bake some as well and I really do not need to have cookies in the house right now.

    I’ll just enjoy yours from here. 🙂

  4. please, pretty please can I have one. They are my favorite !

  5. No. I do NOT want some. I am serious. I am still recovering from the junk food bonanza when my sister came over for a visit. I don’t think my waistline would ever recover if I added snickerdoodles. Stop waving them in my face.


  6. Now you got me in the mmod for baking cookies. I think we’ll make some today. Thanks for sharing.

  7. No, thanks – I’m still feeling sick from the ones Anemone made. She baked exactly three snickerdoodles (each was the size of medium pizza) and they were our dessert last night. LOL

    Cute pictures!

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