A gift for me!

Most of you know how I like to dehydrate things. Well, I hadn’t done it as much as I would like, because I didn’t know that much about it. My biggest problem was storing it. The dried fruits just would not stay dried for long in humid Florida. So, I only dried a little and either ate it right away or kept it in the freezer for later use.

About a month ago I stumbled upon Dehydrate2store. I watched all of her videos and then got busy. I now have several jars of dried veggies and fruits and I am doing more every day.

Tammy and I exchanged a few emails, because I had a lot of questions. She is a very nice lady and very helpful. Earlier this week I received this lovely apron in my mailbox.


The apron has a mouth watering  picture of fruit and the words Dehydrate2store on it. I really like it.  To celebrate getting the apron, I decided to make Tammy’s Fruit Pudding. In the video Tammy uses two boxes of vanilla pudding and adds a little more liquid to the mix.  

Because of Sir Son’s allergies I had to make the pudding from scratch. The pudding did not come out well at all, so I am not going to post the recipe. First thing we did was line the bowl with Nilla Waffers.


Then we mixed the ingredients which was mostly sugar and milk.


Then we layered the pudding mixture over the Nilla Waffers and added a layer of dried fruit, more pudding, then more fruit, then topped off with pudding.


I only had dried bananas and a very small amount of dried strawberries to use in our pudding.


After the pudding was made, it was placed in the refrigerator for several hours. This pudding never thickened. I even added extra cornstarch, but it wasn’t going to thicken. Not a good recipe.

We ate it anyway. 😀   The dried fruit plumped up nicely, because of the extra liquid.   Even though it was a runny pudding, it was really good.  We’ll make it again, but use a different recipe.

fruit pudding

So, if you like drying foods and storing them for a good while, check out  Dehydrate2store.  You’ll be glad you did.

Her Apple Oven Pancake is exceptionally good. 🙂

6 responses to “A gift for me!

  1. What a nice surprise! Cool, now I don’t have to send you one of my aprons in the mail since you are all set. I’m really regretting not keeping my dehydrator. You have way too much fun with yours.

  2. Nice gift! The pudding looks yummy-even if it was a little runny.

  3. That is the perfect gift for you Michelle. 🙂

  4. Cool. I’ve always wanted a food dehydrator.


  5. That apron is just so YOU! I’ve always been envious of your dehydration skills – will you please convince The Man I need another appliance? Sorry your pudding didn’t turn out. Better luck next time!

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