Another Kitchen Demo

Since my demo was such a success (that means my friend went home and bought all the equipment I showed her), my friend invited me over to her home for a kitchen demo. That’s right, we get to play with her new kitchen toys tool.

First,  let’s look at her home and I need to confess my sin, I covet her home or at least her decorating ability. Forgive me, I can’t help it. I have to be honest.

Here is her living room. Isn’t it beautiful? My friend is also married to a handy husband and he built the mantel and side shelves around the fireplace.                    Chocolatechic look at all that red!

living room

Here is the diningroom. This table and hutch came from her family’s home. My friend knows how to make old things look lovely. I make old things look like they need to go to the dump. It’s a gift I have. Oh look Chocolatechic,  red flowers!

dining room

And here is her kitchen where all the baking was done for the demo. Notice how clean the kitchen is. It is about to change, though. A messy kitchen, that’s another gift I have.


We used her new Wonder Mill and her new Bosch. It is hard to believe, but I have never used a Bosch mixer. It is very nice. I was actually surprised my friend let me touch it. I wouldn’t have been so nice, it being my new mixer and all.


The dough worked up very well in the Bosch and it rose very well also. Oh look, more red! I guess you should notice the pink bowl. Ok, so my friend isn’t perfect, she likes pink. Doesn’t that lovely red checkered towel, and the, um “pink” bowl remind you of Chocolatechic and me? Two friends working together and knowing red is better than pink. It just speaks to me that way.


While my friend and I were busy working in the kitchen, the girls were busy swimming outside. I would have liked have had some ice cream in the pool.


Yum, yum…We have three loaves of cinnamon bread and two loaves of white.

bread loaves

Remember the clean kitchen above? Here is what happens after I get done with it. I don’t know if my friend will ever invite me back.

messy kitchen

Because I showed her my favorite kitchen toys tools, and made her buy them, she showed me her favorite baking toys equipment. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go shopping at William Sonoma, Home Goods and E-bay.  Lord, help me.

bunt pan

Thank you, Mary, for a wonderful time!  Let’s do it again at my home and make waffles.  🙂

5 responses to “Another Kitchen Demo

  1. oooOOOOooo, a new Bosch! And lovely yellow walls! And Red! And Bread!

  2. Wow! Her home sure is lovely! It is hard not to covet such a showplace. You can come over and mess up my kitchen anytime and show me how to cook. I won’t mind.

  3. If you’ll come up here I’ll take you to a large kitchen to do the same thing – mine is way tooooooo small for much of a cooking/baking demo let alone all that equipment and toys.

  4. That looks simply delicious. I just did a girls day and it’s nice and refreshing. I could do some damage at Williams Sonoma. Love that store.

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