A Hen House

For years I have been trying to get Sir Husband to build me a hen house. Every year he says no. So every year, I try to visit a friend’s hen house to covet.

We went to visit one last week. This is my favorite hen house so far. It is just the right size.

hen house

There is three hen boxes and a feed trough on one side.

hen boxes

There are five hens and a rooster. We can’t have a rooster, but six hens would be so nice.


The girls got to collect the eggs.

collecting eggs

Two browns and one white. I guess two of the ladies didn’t feel like laying eggs that day.


Next to the hen house is the garden. My friend did say that the garden needed some tending too. I still liked it and I really like the fence for the tomato stakes.


Oh to have a hen house filled with hens laying fresh eggs every day for me to eat for breakfast. Maybe one day…


5 responses to “A Hen House

  1. It would be nice to have hens, but my hubby said no too 😦 He said he just knows that when he went to work I would bring the hens in our house…he is probably right πŸ˜€

  2. You can’t get more organic that fresh eggs from your backyard…that would be cool. It’s against the ordinances here in the #20 Best Small Town to Live in America…we do have our standards, you know! I hope you get your hens one day though.

  3. I love this hen house. I wonder if my husband with take ours down & start all over . . .

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is a nice hen house. Maybe someday you can have one. I’ve got room for a hen house and think I’d like to have one, but I know that I have too many eggs in my basket right now.

  5. My boys want chickens and my hubby is at the no stage right now. I’m like you, one day……

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