Camping Out

Several times during the year, when we check on The Peas and find this.

camping out

The “tent” is tucked into drawers of their dressers.  This is a one room tent.  Sometimes they make a two room tent. 

I don’t know how they sleep on that floor.

9 responses to “Camping Out

  1. I’m not sure why but my kids would rather sleep on the floor than their beds. I often find them sleeping on the floors of their room. Weird. And I have to tell you that my DD used to have that same bedroom set (the blue/purple stripe). In fact, I still have the valances and border in my stamping room. Funny!

  2. My kids do that too. They use the bottom bunk-bed to make a ‘tent’ though.

  3. Tents are typically pitched in the living room around here. They, of course, have to stay up for days at a time and all sorts of activities take place.
    Don’t recall ever seeing sleeping Peas before — adorable!
    I remember sleeping on the living floor a lot when I was a teenager. Sometimes my ribs would hurt in the morning if I slept front-down all night.

  4. Ahh, to be young again!

  5. I love it!!! Sleeping peas are just so cute!!! Tents here now end up in the Princess’ room, The Ark uses our play parachute and hangs it up for her.

  6. They look so sweet:) It’s great that they have so much fun together.

  7. Looks a lot like Anemone’s room. Only she went crazy and started NAILING sheets to the WALL. Kids!

    • Nailing sheets to the walls. ROTFL Mine wouldn’t do that. Mine are good kids. They just use 20 yards of my good yarn to tie up their sheets to the door knobs, ceiling fan, and dressers. I think they even taped the yarn to the walls.

      I’m not going to show my kids your comment.

  8. My boys love to do that (home made tent)…I finally said, ok whatever makes you happy?!! Unless something breaks… LOL!!

    Summertime is the best time! 🙂

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