Art Lesson #1

Melanie started blogging about her perfect kids and their perfect art, so I decided to copy her and have art lessons for my kids, except they are not perfect. 

Today was the day we started art lessons, only because we got bored and had nothing else to do.

I am using different  resources to teach the kids art.  Ok, ok…I’m teaching myself too.  Geez, it’s only been 125.2 years since I had art.  I was good at it too.  All that talent is gone now.  Oh well…

Where was I?  Oh yeah,  what I am using for lessons.

Today we learned how to take care of our brushes.  I bought cheapo brushes from Michael’s.  IF my kids show any signs of talent, I’ll splurge and get them a better set. 


First we have to make a container for them.

Paper Mosaic  Cans – Page 202 and 203, in Complete book of Art Projects.  We only followed a few directions. 🙂  We used tomato cans that had been cleaned very well and paper removed.

I cut a strip of colored paper the size of the can and instructed the girls to make a picture out of colored paper.  Each did their own thing.



When the pictures were done, we applied clear contact paper.


Then we applied it around the can.


Once that was done, I gave them brush instructions.

Never smash your brush at the bottom of the cleaning bowl. This doesn’t work well and will mess up the shape of the brush.


Swirl the brush in light soapy water to remove any paint and rinse in clear water. After the brush has been cleaned, gently reshape the bristle with your fingers.


Then put them away, with the bristles up.

putting away

Now we know how to take care of our brushes and have a nice place for them when not in use.


Next lesson will be brush use.

13 responses to “Art Lesson #1

  1. What a great project!
    Recycling, organizing and artwork all in one project. I may have to copy you…copying Melanie.

  2. Yeah, that darn Melanie sure has a way of making the rest of us all look bad. But now you have started some school lessons already and *you* are making me feel inadequate. I’m going to have to stop hanging out with you all.

    I have not done a good job of teaching art since my boys are boys and not into arts and crafts. Well, actually, my youngest does enjoy them but we just always seem to run out of time to do anything about it. But this year, I have made a commitment to follow the art recommendation in My Father’s World. We will be starting art lessons from the book, God and the History of Art by Barry Stebbing. We will be studying the classic artists and practicing some techniques and doing some projects. I will not let art fall to the back burner. We will make time for art. I promise!

    • I never did any art with my son either. He is not an art person. He would come home with blank coloring pages from church and preschool, because he refused to color. It wasn’t until around 12 he started to color. He colored military uniforms pages using the right colors. If the picture has something wrong on the uniform, he wouldn’t color it and then complain for days. He is all about the facts and nothing but the facts, so help him. LOL

  3. I am thinking about outsourcing for art this year. I have supplies and programs and books, but it just doesn’t get done. Maybe we just don’t want to do art and I’m beating my head on the wall….a-gain. My oldest is like your son. His first coloring pages had one crayon mark somewhere on the page. It was usually a line and usually black crayon. Neither one of them like to cut or paste anything…lapbooking is pure torture…. so I envy your little brush cans.

  4. Both my kids love to draw and doodle, they get it from their dad who actually has some great talent in the artistic world – he just doesn’t think so. 🙄

    When we began this homeschool journey way back in the last century I told hubby that since he has the talent, passion and patience for mess when it comes to art that it will be his area of specialty in the children’s education. We even bought them easels one year for Christmas. So if there are any holes in this area of their education it is ALL his fault and not mine…….I will get the blame for any other holes anyway.

    I will not feel guilty nor will I become a follower in this area.


  5. Love the way you’ve started. Our turn now.

  6. Your girls did a nice job with the containers. In the last picture, they look ready and willing to have art lessons. =)

  7. Do you know what my perfect children are doing right now? They’re throwing shoes at each other. I bet your kids don’t do that.

    Oh, yeah – quit stalking me, you weirdo.

    • I have never witnessed them actually throwing shoes at each other, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. I know we toss our shoes down the street when walking home. Flip-flops go a long way. 🙂

      You’re a weirdo. You have no evidence that I am stalking you. Just look out your window and see if I am there. Ignore the woman behind the tree, ok?

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