Dissecting Tools

I brought home our co-op’s dissecting tools the other day.  They have a good supply.


We have two classes that might be using the tools and I have to find out what shape they are in.  Dull dissecting tools, make unhappy students and facilitators. 😦

I pulled everything out of each case and piled it up high. They smelled like dissecting tools. One of The Peas came downstairs and said the kitchen smelled like Burger King. 😀 sorry…


A complete dissecting set includes: 6″ ruler, scalpel, Forceps, scissors, curved teasing needle, straight teasing needle, pipet, and T-pins.


Some of the scalpels have removable blades. It comes in handy if your blade is rusted and needs replacing. Doesn’t do you any good, though, if you don’t have extra blades.

rusted tool

After sorting out all the undesirable tools, Sir Son started refilling the cases. I took notes on what we needed to complete the sets. Sir Son always told me he hated Biology, but he always talked about it. Like the time he stretched out the pig’s guts to shock the girls. To have him jump in here and sort the tools, was a nice Mother/Son time. 🙂 He was also able to tell me which ones really needed to be replaced.


In the end we had three complete sets and four incomplete.

complete set

Now, I need to take these and wash them well. If the tools are properly washed with warm sudsy water and dried completely, they should last a good long time. Only need to replace the blades. These sets have been around for a while and used every year. No wonder some need to be replaced. 🙂

9 responses to “Dissecting Tools

  1. I’m not sure what that means if dirty, smelly dissecting tools remind your daughter of Burger King!

  2. We used our tools last year but it was not a hit. hehehe I thought I would have to clean up the floor too. Long story short we will soon be selling our tools. We didn’t even get to the fish and frog done. *sigh* I loved biology. I wanted to do all the dissecting. Oh well……..

  3. I’m glad that you were able to have a good mother/son time while checking on the tools. Sorry that some do not know how to care for fine instruments.

  4. Ugh. I wish you would quit talking about dissection tools. Every time you do I remember the stupid fetal pigs stinking up my storage shed. I really need to just get it over with!

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