School is back in session!

Well sort of…

We are doing a little this first week and adding more over the next three weeks.   We always have several things to overcome before we hit the floor running.  Mainly attitudes.

I thought the attitude adjustment would be with this one, since she flung herself under the table last year for two hours.  Why, did she do that?  Because she had add 5+0.    I know, it’s a hard one!


Nope it wasn’t the previous Pea. It was this one. Why? She started feeling sorry for herself because she couldn’t remember the answer to 6+9. It took a little pep talk to get her going again.


The Violinist made a big adjustment from last year. Some how over the summer she discovered, if she sat down and did her work, she will finish quickly. Gee, do you think she may have gotten that idea from the gazillion times I told her last year? Probably not.


So the first day was not too bad. 

Some things I learned:

1.  We need a small trash can by the table when doing work.

2.  Mom needs all papers printed from the computer, BEFORE school starts.

3.  Kids need to know what their books actually look like.  Because of this..

“Mom, my spelling is not on my shelf.”

Mom, “It says spelling, Book 3.”

“It’s not there!”

Mom, “It is right here on your shelf!”

“Ohhhh,  you didn’t say it said Building Spelling Skills, book 3.”

Mom,  secretly rolls eyes.



8 responses to “School is back in session!

  1. Our first day usually goes pretty smoothly but that is because it is our get acquainted day where the kids receive the daily schedule, their books, the teacher’s expectations and so on. The second day is sometime much like your first.

    Hopefully they will not have the same issues as last year….

    ……they’ll be all new to drive you crazy over the course of the next 9-10 months.

  2. Where is your other student??
    I just really dislike seeing these posts about everybody starting school…the guilt is going to consume me and cause me to do crazy things. Like shut off the computer. And go read a book. On the porch. With my Coke Zero.

    • LOL Sorry Kristy.

      Sir Son does not start until August 25th. He gets his work done with no problem, so he can wait. 🙂 Besides his best friend doesn’t start until then.

  3. You’re such a good mom, rolling your eyes in secret like that. 🙂

  4. I’m dreading the start of this year, because of Ace……he would sit down to work and then have to go use the restroom and then disappear….ugh!!! It all starts in less than two weeks.

  5. I am sooo glad to see this post. I thought I was the only one out there in homeschool land whose kids throw fits over doing 5+0 and spend hours under the table. It made the whole first day of school rotten. Lucky for all of us, day #2 went 100% better.

    I was at another blog (can’t remember which one now) and saw your question about the plastic over the map on the kitchen table. She said hers didn’t slide unless the kids had been under it too much, but mine slid all over the place. So I drew a big border around it with a permanent marker, about 4″ out from the edge, then cut it out, and sewed a casing into it with a heavy duty sewing machine needle. Used a bodkin to put elastic through it, and voila! No more slippage. I have a big oval table, so the finished product looked like a giant shower cap. When I got tired of the map I covered it with a real table cloth and put the plastic back on, and tucked the extra fabric under the casing. (We had spilled milk here three times in the past week, and no, I don’t have ANY toddlers.)

    I thought this blog looked familiar — I was perusing the Apologia stuff a while back. My daughter was very relieved to find out that biology is NOT a required subject for graduation in AZ. (I can’t believe it. Biology was my major!) So for now we are doing the physical science co-op schedule. I am so thankful for people like you, who post all that helpful info!!

  6. Oh dear, it took me the entire weekend to realize I posted all that unnecessary info about the tablecloth at the wrong blog! So sorry for wasting your space! I’ll just creep offstage now…

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