Playing with the new polldaddy thing.

7 responses to “Playing with the new polldaddy thing.

  1. Oh, I vote for Elaine riding and elephant!! That sounds fun.

  2. I voted but you didn’t have my favorite thing about your blog listed. I love your crazy pictorial stories. Always have. I think you are so creative and an amazing story teller. I also love to see your craft stuff , home and school organization stuff and hear about what is going on with you…and your amazing co-op adventures.
    Lets face it I like it all so I’m no help:p

  3. You forgot the best option.

    Applie wearing pink.

  4. As much as I am flattered that as of right now me riding an elephant has 67% of the vote I think it would be easier to have Tanya wearing pink. I’d love to ride an elephant but I just don’t see it happening, no more elephants in Alaska and I don’t think that I’ll be going to India or Africa to do it any time soon.

    I voted for more cooking but I really ditto Lisa and Donna.

    • Thank you everyone for your vote. 😀

      Elaine, we will forgive you for not riding an elephant. Perhaps you could show us your computer with the elephants all over it.

      Ok, second runner up is Tanya. Congratulations Tanya! You get to wear red for a day and blog about it.

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