Two for the price of one.

 Raccoons usually travel in sets of three or more, so we were expecting more to return after we had gotten one of them.  Sure enough, night before last, we once again had visitors in our garbage.  Sir Husband put a cooked hamburger in the animal cage this time.  Nice big one.  lol

This morning this is what we found in the cage.


Yep, two of them! Hopefully this is the last of them.

These have a black and brown striped tail. Very pretty, but very mean. Here, I’ll show you…


9 responses to “Two for the price of one.

  1. LOL at the video. grrrr grrrr They’re gonna getcha grrrr grrrr

  2. Yikes! They do sound ferocious! I’d be afraid to even touch the cage. Hope that was all of them and your garbage can live in peace now.

  3. OOOOOHH, mean little things.

  4. The garbage cans of the neighborhood thank you!

  5. Nasty rude little buggers.
    Here you ‘ve gone to the trouble of providing them with food and a place to stay and this is how they treat you!!

    Off with them!

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