Twisted Kitchen

It is that time of the week for Tuesday Twister with GNOWFGLINS.  

I didn’t do a lot this week.

Still working on snacks for Sir Son.  This week I tried the Cheese Cracker recipe from King Arthur’s Flours.  I’ll be posting the recipe and more pictures tomorrow.  Here they are just before baking.

Cheese crackers

I gave one to Sir Son and one to Sir Friend. This is what I got in response to “How is it?”
Sir Friend, “It taste like salted dog treats.”
Sir Son, “He should know because he ate dog treats before.”
So…I gave them one without the salted/cheese covering. “How is it?”
Sir Friend, “I’m not going to lie to you.”
Sir Son fed it to the dogs.
I gave it to the girlies. My youngest ate them. I don’t know if there are any left. Go figure…

I didn’t take pictures this time, but I did make mini-pizzas for the girls lunch today. You can read about what I did in Lunch and Snacks.

The last thing I want to share from my Twisted Kitchen are dog treats and these are not the ones mentioned above. Nope, these were started by “Not Me“. Not Me went into the kitchen this week and ate 2/3 of three different loaves of bread. Then Not Me left the remaining 1/3 of each loaf, on the counter. I didn’t see them until it was even too late to make bread crumbs. I felt they were probably a day older than it should have been. So… I sliced them thick and dried them in the dehydrator until very hard. The dogs love them. Maybe I should call these “Not Me Biscuits”.

dog treats

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Twister.

3 responses to “Twisted Kitchen

  1. Very nicely done.
    Sorry that the boys didn’t like your efforts but at least one of the girls did so they weren’t a total loss.

    About the dog treats…I would never have thought of that but I wouldn’t be able to do that as it is looking like we may have another dog who is sensitive to bread products, or at least the yeast.

  2. Ha, ha! Love the “Not Me” biscuits! Thanks for joining the Twister, Michelle! Did you get your soap yet? I hope that one day soon you’ll succeed in finding the perfect snack for Sir Son. love, Wardeh

  3. LOL…I’ve been searching for the perfect cracker recipe to replace store-bought stuff for a long time and still haven’t found one I like. Love the “Not Me” dog treats! Great idea for all those bits and pieces that seem to get left behind when my kids slice their own bread.

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