A Fortunate Alliance

Married this day, 26 years ago.

 Happy Anniversary, Dear.   This one is for you…minus Elvis.    Yes Dear…

17 responses to “A Fortunate Alliance

    OH MY….I love everything about that photo. I love the hair. I love the wild shirt. I love the fringy socks. I love the wristbands. And I love your hunk of burning love standing next to you!
    Have a great day!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. LOL! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you wild and crazy people!

  4. Oh I was SO hoping that was a dress-up kind of thing.
    Happy Anniversary! And many, many more.

  5. “Hunk-a-hunk-a burning love”….now you’ve got this tune in my head. Happy Anniversary!

  6. I believe that Elvis would be honored that you shared his Burning Love song on this momentous day.

  7. Happy Anniversary! That is a great picture!

  8. This is AWESOME!!!!! I bet your kids got a real kick out of this photo! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  9. Happy Anniversary to both parts of the Hunk of Burnin’ love!!

    You two are perfect for each other and you make cute kids to boot! 😆

    Enjoy the next 26 years.

  10. WOW – Guess What? My husband and I – married 26 years Today!!!
    August 20, 1983. Pretty neat.. And it is my first time at your blog.

    PS – We do get better with age, I do believe!

  11. Happy Anniversary! You two are AWESOME!

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