Come Walk With Us.



Kristy and I have decided to get off our lazy butts  (Kristy isn’t lazy, but I am) and go for a walk.   Yes, she is in Minnesota and I am in Florida, but that is not going to stop us from walking together.

Did you ask me how?  I thought you did. Well, it is called Webwalking.    NO! Tanya, we are not walking our avatars on Farm Town!  By the way, we signed you up already.  😉   You too, Elaine.   Sheri, you need to get moving too.

Update to add:  Melanie, Kristy said you need to stop staring at The Man and get moving.  If it would help, he can join you on the walk. 

You can go the Webwalking USA site and print out your walking chart.  They have step counter chart, miles chart, and even a minutes chart.  Which ever works for you.  I will be using the step chart, since I have a counter.  Kristy is using the minutes chart, because she doesn’t have a counter. 

As we go along we can blog (one or two times a month) about our experiences and the places we will visit.  Yes, we will be visiting Milestones and Trail Hightlights.  It’s like taking a trip and never leaving the farm!

To give you a fun way to track your progress, you can print out the Webwalking U.S. Map

When we reach the other side, I’ll send you a certificate with my signature on it.  WooHoo!  Now that should make you want to join us. 

The start date is August 31st.     Why?  Because I said so.

End date:  We get there when we get there!

I’ll put a button on the side, if I can figure it out.   I’ll also figure out which dates we will post on our blog of our amazing adventure and start a linky linky thinky thing.  What is that thing called?   Mr. Linky?

So, will you come walk with us?


11 responses to “Come Walk With Us.

  1. You are kind but yes, I am lazy too! But since you are forcing me to do this, I will get up off my lazy butt and walk across America with you.

    You forgot to mention how Melanie needs to stop staring at The Man and start walking with us. He can come too if she can’t bear to be separated from him again.

    It will all be worth it to get that signed certificate from you :). Although I want you to hand deliver it to me in Minnesota. Now that would be fun!

  2. Sounds great! I’d like to do it, too. I’ll go by minutes because I don’t have a pedometer. I’m printing my chart now – and I’ll even take it on vacation with us. We’re going to be doing alot of hiking. When I’m home, I walk on the treadmill.

    I’ve been using for the Tuesday Twister – I like it better than Mr. Linky.

  3. I should do this too. I’ll have to work it in after the sun goes down. My daylight hours are spent away from the sun as much as possible due to health reasons and I need to walk for health reasons. Makes no sense does it?

  4. Uhhh sure, I don’t have anything to do for the next year…..but only if I get a button.

  5. So how come you’re not forcing Donna, Tanya, Tresses, Tressa, Sumi, Rose, Kenetha, Tamara or Mary Ann to do this? HUH??

    Alright, I’ll walk with you. I’ll do my walking either at the gym, on the Wii or as I go. Since the fair is opening this Thursday and I’ll be a lot of walking while there. I’ll see if I can find my pedometer is the girl hasn’t hidden it away some place.

  6. I am SO far ahead of you, Applie. We’ve been walking every night – The Man and I take turns being up front. 😉

  7. LOL That’s right, those pre-August 31st miles are just warm-ups. 😛

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