The Library Bucket

 book list

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow –  Jessica Day George      The Violinist said she didn’t like this book as much as the other ones by this author.

Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle  

The Golden Goblet  by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Nancy Drew, The Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion by Carolyn Keene

Follow the Drinking Gourd by Jeanette Winter

Journeys for Freedom by Susan Buckley

Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers by Kaaren Winnick

Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig  by Stephen Krensky

Lincoln’s Birthday  by Dennis Brindell Fradin

Popcorn at the Palace  by Emily Arnold McCully

An Extraordinary Life, The Story of a monarch Butterfly, by Laurence Pringle

When Lightning Comes in a Jar, by Patricia Polacco

Something About Hensley’s, by Patricia Polacco

The Storm  by Marc Harshman


All except the Nancy Drew book are for our schooling.   What’s in your bucket?


8 responses to “The Library Bucket

  1. Twilight…that’s all that anybody is reading around here :). Sad but true.

  2. We haven’t been to the library in a long time – too small a building w/next no parking unless you want to walk from the lot to the building while lugging a ton of books through the rain. The city and borough can’t seem to work together on this item.

  3. I don’t have a bucket…..but I did get an Amazon box this week. happyhappyjoyjoy

    The Phantom Toolbooth
    From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler
    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science
    The Weather Book
    Rowan of Rin
    Great Expectations
    Do Hard Things

  4. Great list! We’ve read several of those. I wish our library was more convenient for us to use.

  5. I have mostly reference books checked out right now. How to sew, use Excel, help your child succeed in college, cybersafety, barrier free travel, natural pest control and growing sprouts.

    From my bookshelf
    Dd and I are reading Around the World in 80 days with TLP
    I am reading Real Life Homeschool Mom by Virgina Knowles (Online until my book comes)
    Yours Jack by CS Lewis

  6. I don’t have anything checked out right now; The Man is the one who led the last library visit. You can tell, too:

    JellyMan – some Greek myth comic book featuring Hercules (it’s so bad I might just blog about it) and a book on homeopathy

    Anemone – nothing!

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