Watercolor Art Lessons

I gave The Peas a lesson in watercolors yesterday.


To begin the lesson, I had each of the girls use several of the brushes with orange watercolor, so they could see what the brush width looked like and what the watercolor would do. I wanted them to notice the watercolor was transparent.


Next, I had copied, on watercolor paper, the Chameleon from Art Lesson for Kids. Each of the girls drew legs and eye on their paper.


Next it was time to paint. We used several different colors. I told the girls to try and mix some of the colors together, just to see what would happen.



Here are the final results:

Pea #1

Pea #2, which she didn’t finish because the eye wasn’t perfect. Pea #2 ended up in bed having a fit.


The reason Pea#2 had a fit, was because the eye on her Chameleon did not look like mine. Nether did the legs and I had to help her draw them. So, I think I will not join in on the art fun for a while. I do not want them to compare their work with mine.

It was a fun lesson and I know the girls are looking forward to next weeks lesson.

6 responses to “Watercolor Art Lessons

  1. I am going to attempt art again this year. Hopefully we won’t be having fits and tantrums or I’ll be the one going to bed. Away from everyone. Where it is peaceful and quiet. Good luck with your next lesson!

  2. “Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon . . .”

    Sorry! Couldn’t help it – your lovely chamelons make me want to burst into song!

  3. Oh, I hate when they do that. hehehe The eye looks good though. Oh well, kids!

  4. Your struggles with this lesson are why I do not teach art – I’m like Pea #1 in that I would want the kids to do things “right” rather than be creative. This is a subject in our home that is so much more fun when the “principal” teaches instead of the “teacher”.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the next lesson that you do.

  5. So fun! Pea #2 sounds a lot like my 3rd child…she would do the same thing.

  6. Every great artist gets a little temperamental at times. LOL

    I hope you get to keep painting with the girls. It looks fun.

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