How to eat a mushroom.

Chicken and Rice was what was for dinner.

You have to eat all of your soup if you want the cinnamon muffin, even the one mushroom in your bowl.

“Aw, MOM! I don’t like mushrooms. I had one two years ago.”

Get over it and eat the mushroom.

“This is so gross. I didn’t like it two years ago; I’m not going to like it now.”

Eat it anyway and then you can have the cinnamon muffin.  You look like your sister.

“Hey, let’s not and say we did!”

“Hey! Let’s do and say we did!”


6 responses to “How to eat a mushroom.

  1. So did she like it? She looks pretty happy! Mushrooms aren’t the problem here. It’s green vegetables. Peas and beans. And it’s not the little boys that I have trouble with.

  2. You made her eat a mushroom????? Eeeew

  3. I love mushrooms! My kids do not. I so love this post!

  4. She is so expressive. Very cute:)

  5. Only hubby eats ‘shrooms in our house. He loves food w/’shrooms that we don’t want to eat and give to him because then he gets even more!!!

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