Growing Bacteria

Module 2 of Apologia Biology.

In this module we are instructed to go out, collect pond water, and observe God’s creation.    Thursday, was the day I took one of  The Peas to a nearby park to collect the pond water.

The day was cloudy with rain coming, but we had to go this day to have several days before we do our experiment.   I was looking forward to a time out with one child and exploring the area.  I’m thinking we can stop, look, and listen to our surrounds.  It didn’t happen, we got there and there were several lawn maintenance people, mowing and blowing the grass.  Ug… the noise!    Well, at least we can collect the pond water and look around.

To prepare for the collection, I had The Pea make the device.  All she did was take an old mop handle and tape a ladle to it.  We needed to be able to get to the bottom of the pond.


As we were walking with my camera, box of plastic jars, backpack, and a long handled ladle, we got some funny looks from the workers. I thought one would be coming to ask what we were doing, but they didn’t. Maybe it wasn’t so strange. There are lots of homeschoolers in the area. lol


Once there we quickly gather our pond water.   The rain was coming.


It was’t easy pouring the water into the jars with that long ladle. lol


Since the rain hadn’t started, we decided to make a quick  observation of the area. I took pictures instead of getting out the nature journals (that we haven’t started yet). We will draw in the journals later.


We found many little wild flowers and one mushroom.


Each jar has a food source in it to help the bacteria grow. These items are listed in Exp. 2.1. I have placed the jars in the garage where it is dark. I cracked the lid, to allow oxygen and then covered them in a paper towel, to help keep it dark.


A better way to allow oxygen in, is to place a piece of pantyhose over the top and attach with a rubberband. I can’t get to my bedroom furniture to get an old pair out (another story), which is why I just cracked the lids.  I also don’t have any rubberbands, because The Pea took them to make a ball and I haven’t seen it in months.

Here is a picture of the inside of the jars. Nasty huh? It will get worse. lol


The experiment will be completed on Tuesday. That gives us five days for the little buggers to grow. I hope it will do well.  This photo was taken on Friday and the smell was already pungent.  It should be nice and ripe on Tuesday.   Our classroom has no windows to open.  lol

Stay tuned…

3 responses to “Growing Bacteria

  1. So that was what I was smelling on the way to church this morning!!!

    Shut that garage door please!!1

    Glad the Internet is a non-smelling place to hang out!! 😆

  2. You are my kind of woman. Except I would have knocked my Anemone into the pond to get a closer look. LOL

  3. Neat! My girls are going to do this at school sometime during the year. I think they’ll love it too.

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