Growing Bacteria Part B

Apologia Biology

Growing Bacteria Part A

After collecting the pond water and adding the food source, we let the jars sit for five or six days.  Now it is time to have a look at what was growing inside.

The first culture the students decided to look at was the one with the egg.   They open the container and turned up their noses.  Notice there are no windows in our classroom.

smells bad

After the initial shock of the smell, the students were able to collect a sample.

egg food source

Then place a drop on the slide. It looked as bad as it smelled. lol


The purpose of this experiment was to try to locate several types of bacteria and possibly identify them. Here is a photo of what we saw.


We were able to isolate some of the bacteria and identify them, but I wasn’t able to get photos.  We did see a great volvox.

Live video of bacteria.

The other cultures did not smell any better than the egg. View what happened with they opened the bottle with the rice food source.

Kind of makes you want to hurl, doesn’t it?  😀

This completes our Module 2.  Next week we begin Module 3 and study the Kingdome Protesta.

10 responses to “Growing Bacteria Part B

  1. We will be doing this lab shortly. I am looking forward to it, but I didn’t realize that it was going to smell so bad. Hmmm..

  2. How funny, we both had stinky posts today. But we didn’t have time to take pictures of our faces. My pictures were taking while in van with A/C blowing full blast. hehe

  3. Your class looks fun but smelly:p

  4. It looks like your group has a lot of fun together. This reminds me of when I was in medical assisting school, the first time we cultured urine samples… ugh the SMELL was awful. Oh yes, the fun of labs! 🙂

  5. I wish I were in your class! I’d hold the camera and make you open the bottle. LOL

  6. Ok, so we did our lab today. We didn’t have near the luck that you did. We couldn’t find anything. Oh, we had the smell, but no bacteria. We are pretty disappointed.

  7. I’m posting a link to this for my students! =)

    Did you ever get the video of the bacteria posted to youtube?

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