Pea Number Two


17 responses to “Pea Number Two

  1. Do I have to comment again?? I already told you on FB how gorgeous she is. What a great photo!

  2. Dear Applie,
    I’m sorry you have lost readers, they are probably going crazy like I am lately. Sorry I don’t note more often but I do stop by as much as I can. She is beautiful and I love the photo!!!

  3. That is a lovely photograph of your baby.

  4. She’s very pretty! What color are her eyes!? They’re gorgeous!

  5. She’s beautiful! And you took a lovely photo, Applie. Frame that one!

  6. I think that you are just doing anything to get more people to come to your blog 🙄

    Yeah, she’s a cutie all right. I’m hoping that Sir Husband is prepared for the boys that will be hanging on the girls soon.

  7. I have two sons, ya know. 😉

    What a treasure this photo will be. She’s so pretty, Michelle.

  8. Pretty as a picture as Pap would say!

  9. She is beautiful! I agree with Melanie. Frame that one!

  10. I can’t believe you got her to sit for a photo! Beautiful photo!

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