A Microscopic World

During the pond water experiment, Part B,  for our Apologia Biology class, I had one of the students set up a slide for the camera microscope.  This drop of water is from the jar with the egg food source.   It was very difficult to find the little buggers, but we did.  🙂

If you look at the video carefully, you should be able to see:

Rod-shaped bacilli, which is the most common.

Spiral-shaped spirilla, which are large and wiggly.

Spherical cocci,  we are not sure if we saw any of these.   It was hard to tell.

Towards the middle of the movie, you see the lighting change.  I was hoping the change of light would make the bacteria show up better, but it didn’t.

The amazing work of God.

2 responses to “A Microscopic World

  1. That’s cool Michelle. =)

  2. You are an asset to people everywhere!

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