Hey MOM!

You know you’re in for something good when you hear those words from your children.

It was just about dinner time when I hear…Hey Mom! Come see this!

I say, I can’t because I am making dinner.

Then Sir Son says, “But MOM! Dad threw down a knife and punctured a can of spray foam. It exploded!”

Me, “Do I need my camera”

Sir Son,  “YES!”

So I go upstairs to our master bedroom, that is still being remodeled.  And there in the middle of the floor was a blob.  A big oozing blob, still hugging the can, thinking it is its mommy or something.

the blob

Ooo, says I.  Then I make Sir Son cut it open so I can see inside. You never know, there might be a surprise inside. Doesn’t it look like a scene from an alien movie, where they cut the outer shell to get to the alien? Doesn’t it look like that a little bit? Squint your eyes, that might help.


Nothing was inside, of course. But if there was, this is where you’d find the gooy-drippy alien, just before it attacks you and turns you into a blob, to be cut open by a Sir Son, and then the cycle starts all over.   It’s a horrible way to reproduce, except the aliens don’t mind it.


I decide to investigate a little more. The outer part is hard, but the inside is gooy-sticky. Nasty feeling stuff. By this time, Sir Husband is calling us down for dinner. I had more important things to do, like play with the nasty sticky stuff and take pictures.


After awhile, I get tired of hearing Sir Husband barking at me to come down for dinner. I go to the sink and wash my hands. Only I can’t wash my hands. The sticky stuff doesn’t come off.

Me: Sir Husband how do I get this sticky stuff off?
S.H.: You don’t
Me: Seriously, how do I get this off?
S.H.: You don’t. It wears off.
Me: Well, how long does it take to wear off?
S.H.: About three days.
Me.: WHAT!?
S.H.: Three days. It feels better after it drys.
Sir Son: What did you do, stick your entire finger down in there?
Me: Well…yes…but…but…but…

I decided to make use of the sticky fingers.

stuck fork

I know there is a lesson here somewhere.  I just know it.

14 responses to “Hey MOM!

  1. Is that a PINK shirt your wearing?

  2. Love that you tried this but I won’t be trying it…..hope it comes off soon.

  3. VERY funny! You sound just like me. I love to explore things. My husband just shakes his head….

  4. hahahaha! Sometimes the scientist inside us needs to be left inside. I hope that it wears off quickly. That would be irritating.

  5. And how old are you really?

    You couldn’t be a homeschool parent could you???

    I so feel for Sir Husband having such a partner 😉

  6. LOL! Three days! LOL even harder.

  7. Whenever I do something silly (which is at least daily) I will come and look at this post. 😀

  8. I am just shaking my head, with laughter of course. from, I’m cooking dinner– to– do I need my camera! isn’t that just like a mom, I don’t want to be interupped but just a minute, if it that exciting, can I take a picture. like I said ROFLOL.

  9. LOL!! That sounds like something I would do too.
    Did you know that spray foam insulation is flammable? HIGHLY? Yep, the fumes with explode. Ask me how we know this. 😉

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