Volvox, Diatoms, Amoeba. OH MY!

We are now finished with Module 3, Kingdom Protisa

In this module the students looked at prepared slides.  Below are a few of the slides they viewed.  While viewing the students were to identify certain parts of the organism.

microscope viewing

Below is a photo of  Volvox colonies.  Sub Kingdom Protozoa.  It is made up of many individual members.  The large dark pink dots are called daughter colonies.   A Volvos moves by

Next are Diatoms.  Subkingdom Algae.  One of my favorites, because they come in a varity of shapes.  These are single cell organisms and sometimes form colonies.   The cell wall is very hard and remains when the cell dies.  This substance is used in most toothpaste as an abrasive to clean teeth.  Neat!


Next is an Amoeba.  Subkingdom Protoza.   These things are so cool!  They use their pseudopods to surround their food, which makes a food vacuole to digest the food. 


Here is an excellent video of an amoeba eating.

The students are required to draw and label each type of organism, under each magnification.  They actually do a good job of drawing.  I am impressed. 

cell drawing

Module 4 coming up soon!

Apologia Biology Page

7 responses to “Volvox, Diatoms, Amoeba. OH MY!

  1. Cool stuff, Applie. Good pics of the slides!

  2. Awesome Post! I can’t believe the quality of your microscope pics Woot!
    I want to join your co-op!!

  3. Oh, wow! Just wow! I now want a microscope with a camera attached, and here I thought I would be fine without one. Bummer.

    Your pictures are fantastic. When we get to that unit, we will have to come back and see if we get the same things as you did.

  4. The photos are great!! =)

  5. very interesting, but guess what I will be thinking about when I brush my teeth tonight! UCK

  6. For some reason I cannot see the photobucket images of your slides. What am I doing wrong?

    • Photobucket is no longer a free service and has locked out my photos on the blog. I am trying to save what I can and hope to fix what I can soon. So sorry for the inconvenience.

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