Mushroom Hunting

Be very, very quiet. We are hunting mushrooms.  There is nothing like going out and looking for macroscopic decomposers. 😀

For Apologia Biology Module 4:  Kingdom Fungi, the students were to go on a nature walk and gather mushrooms. Since I try to do all the experiments before class, I also went out on a walk.   My youngest decided she needed to help with the hunt.  Good thing she did, because she found more than half of them and declared herself the winner.  I didn’t know it was a contest at the time. 🙂

Walking down a road

At first the shrooms were hard to find.  Our rain had stopped for several days and the ground wasn’t as wet as a mushroom likes it.  After a few minutes of walking and looking The Pea started finding lots of them.


Flat Mushrooms

I have no idea the names of any of these mushrooms.

Group of Mushrooms


It was so much fun to take one of my children on a walk to look for some of God’s creation.


The ones above were from my backyard. They were so small.

I spotted the ones below, before my daughter did and I asked her if I should gather them for the experiment. She told me they were not real, but then turned around and asked if they were. She just wasn’t sure. LOL

Fake ones

I wish I could have taken the ones above to the classroom. It would have been a good laugh.

By the end of the walk, we found around 15 mushrooms. Twelve of those, were found by my daughter. 🙂

Bag 'O Mushrooms

I saved most of them for the classroom, but I did take two out and had a look-see. I never did find any spores on the gills.


After observing the mushrooms, the experiment said to draw what you see. As you can see, I am no artist.


I really did enjoy doing this part of the experiment. It is amazing to see God’s work.

Next up will be what we did in the classroom.

Nature Walk


10 responses to “Mushroom Hunting

  1. I wish Anthony were doing Biology instead of Physical Science this year so we could be doing this right along with you! Why didn’t you wait for us? I’m amazed with the variety of mushrooms you found. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a mushroom in MN. Of course, I’ve never really looked either.

    • I didn’t wait because my son is older than yours. Is that a good reason? I was surprised we found a lot of different mushrooms. Three of the six kids did not find any. I didn’t expect them to, because they live in a neighborhood that has to be very well kept. No natural/wood areas.

  2. the kids that didn’t find any should have gone to parks and such where they would have had more success. If parents are willing to drive all over town to take kids shopping and to sports stuff they should be willing to do the same for educational stuff.

    Anyway, good job to you and the youngest Pea!! Why didn’t you take those cut shrooms? They would have been a great part of the experiment!! 😉

  3. I am glad that you are a module or two ahead of us. That way I can see what you are doing and copy you. 🙂 We did end up looking at the bacteria again and saw much more nasty stuff. The smell knocked me over, but it was worth it.

  4. Congrats to the winner!! It’s a good thing she went with you.

    I like the dotted ones. =)

  5. We like looking for mushrooms at the farm – we have found some crazy looking fungi! Our field guides are not much help to us, though. It’s a pain to identify fungus. Have you tried making spore prints? If your wild mushrooms don’t have spores, you can always use mushrooms from the grocery store. 🙂

    I like how the big spotted mushrooms are placed under a tree – the folks who have big yard mushrooms around here just stick them out in the middle of the yard next to the requisite pampas grass clump. Weird.

    • How do you make spore prints?

      It is very hard to identify mushrooms. I gave up. lol

      That is weird about the mushrooms next to the pampas grass. Don’t they know better?

  6. My ds and I went on a fungi walk today. What treasures we found in our backyard and in the woods behind our house! We did nip one from the neighbor’s yard, but they were happy to let us take the mushroom away in the name of science. In just a short time we collected shelf fungi, slime molds, and a diverse collection of other mushrooms.

    • I am glad you enjoyed your time with your son. My girls and I always like going on these hikes. So fun. It always takes us a while to find the first mushroom, but after they we see them everywhere. lol

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