The girls were digging through my dresser trying to find a few treasures.  One of them found my old Gumby.  This Gumby is from the early 1980’s.  I did have a Gumby and a Poky from the 1960’s, but they are long gone.

This brings back some memories. 🙂  Does anyone else remember Gumby?



6 responses to “GUMBY!

  1. I remember! How about Mr. Bill from SNL? Do you remember Mr. Bill??

  2. Ha! Most kids get attached to blankets or stuffed animals, but one of my cousins was attached to his early 80’s Gumby at the hip. We teased him about it for years.

  3. Gumby: creepy, boring, drama in mundane script, weirdly moving eyes, grating sound effects, very bad voice acting – [insert inappropriate laugh track here].

    I remember it. =)

  4. yes I remember watching gumby on tv at my grammie’s house. I couldn’t stand the cartoon, gumby’s character cave me the creeps. I don’t know why, but he did.

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