Some serious mold going on here.

Apologia Biology Module 4 –  Mold and uh Mold oh yeah and more mold.

The assignment for the class was to grow mold and boy did they grow some mold!  It was wonderful.

I really didn’t think more than one student would have mold, so I grew some extra for the class. This is what I ended up with. Lots of luscious mold!  Yummy!!  I now can say I have a green moldy thumb.

bread mold

I tried to get a great shot of this under the camera microscope. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but it isn’t too bad. Yes, this is what grows on old food.

bread mold 40X

Out of the six students three could not grow any mold, one grew mold on bread, and one forgot. Let’s see that leaves one student left. This student cracked me up. He had his bag closed and waited for everyone else to show their handy work. It was finally his turn and he said, “I read the experiment wrong. I thought it said we could use fruit.” I promptly told him he read it right and I was so glad he tried the fruit. He got a big grin and this is what he showed the class.

fig mold

Can you guess what it is? It use to be organic figs. I was so excited, I think I yelped! I kept saying, “Isn’t it pretty!”. The kids just looked at me funny, but I am used to that now.

So, the kids observed with their eyes. This young man had to put his t-shirt over his mouth. I don’t blame him. I didn’t think of getting masks. If you do this project, it would be very wise of you to get masks.

Looking at bread mold

The young lady in the middle is highly allergic to mold and her mom was able to provide two masks.

Looking at bread mold

After observing with the eyes, we then took small amounts and looked at them under the microscope.

bread mold

Now you are probably wondering why the three students were not able to grow mold on their slices of bread.  The answer is simple, they used store bought bread.  It is full of preservatives.  After searching around the web, I found that it takes well over a month for breads with preservatives to grow mold.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
Growing mold experiment was done on the same day as the mushrooms. We had plenty of time to do both.


See the round mushroom at the lower left of the tray? That is a puff-ball mushroom. When it was cut open, the spores on the inside came out like black smoke. I was able to get a picture of it on the microscope.

puff-ball mushroom spores

Below is a mushroom gill. We are not sure if we actually found any spores.

mushroom gill 10X

I really had fun with this experiment.

10 responses to “Some serious mold going on here.

  1. That IS some serious mold! The molded figs are impressive. My sisters knew a boy in 8th grade or high school [thereabouts] that didn’t eat bread until it was molded. Back then, store-bought bread molded in around 3-5 days. Things which should have never changed, changed in 30-40 years.

  2. I’d say you guys are experts at growing mold-makes you feel good doesn’t it 🙂

  3. Yes, I’m here with a question. 🙄 😀
    The textbook says the food can be left in a plastic bag that is open.
    I’ve read online to keep it covered after leaving it exposed for 6 or more hours.
    I also read to keep it in a dark place. The textbook says leave it in the open.
    I don’t have a garage, or this would not be a problem, but you know it will attract fruit flies in the house, and be eaten by animals outside.
    Since you grew such lovely mold, what did y’all do?
    Thanks. =)

    • The bread was placed in a plastic container, with a lid. The lid was slightly ajar, to allow some air flow. The whole container was placed in our garage where it is warm and dark. I have also found lovely molded bread items in the back of the pantry. 😀 Yes, you want a nice dark area and sprinkle the bread with some water. The grapes were placed in a closed container and got some mold on them, but they take a while. I didn’t want fruit flies around, so I left the lid on it. Hope that helps. Organic fruits and breads are the best way to go for mold.

      • Thanks. I left the lid off the grapes, apple slice, and tomato slice for about 8 hours before putting on the lid. Hope that helps it along.
        I hope I get something worth making a picture of.
        Thanks for your blog and all your help answering questions. =)

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