Guess what she wants

Maple and popcorn

7 responses to “Guess what she wants

  1. Cute! Don’t give her anything…rotten dog!

  2. Aww, I hope she got some!

  3. Aaaaw. Did you share?

    I posted some pics of Wisconsin’s fall colors.

  4. So your kids “dropped” how much popcorn? 😀 I have a popcorn lover dog too, and she gets what falls on the floor too… which amounts to her own serving because my boys are very messy!! Very CUTE picture!

    • We have an air popper and the popcorn will come flying out of the machine. That is what the dogs get. My kids don’t like to share their popcorn, so they make sure they don’t drop any. lol

  5. Prissy also loves popcorn! When she sees me getting the popper out she gets all excited. What falls on the floor is hers and the last couple of times she’s gotten a lot since this last time it was flying out of the bowl for some reason and thetime before that the top came off the popper and popcorn was everywhere!!!

    Sometimes I’m nice and will throw her a piece. =D

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